The National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities




Dedicated to fostering the fruits of the Gospel realized in many forms of community life



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NĂCC By-Laws

1. Name
The name of this Association is The National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities, which will also be known by the acronym NĂCC.

2. Purpose and Vision
The National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities is an inclusive association that shares and communicates the fruits of the Gospel, realized in community, with the church and the world. Our vision is of a church, all of whose members realize the fruits of the Gospel in community.

3. Members
a. Eligibility:
Any Christian Community recognized in accordance with the Canons of the Episcopal Church is eligible for membership. Christian Communities in formation, not yet recognized or not capable of recognition in accordance with the Canons of the Episcopal Church are eligible for observer status.

b. Enrollment and Resignation: Any Christian Community as defined in this Article, by action of its governing body certified by means of a written communication to the Recorder of this Association, shall be enrolled or resign as a member or observer therein.

c. Voting Rights: Each member and observer Community may send representatives to meetings of the Association. Each member Community shall have one vote.

4. Officers
The Officers shall be a Convener and a Recorder, who shall perform all duties assigned to them in these bylaws or by action of the Association. The Convener shall chair the annual meeting and the recorder shall preserve the minutes thereof, together with any other acts of the Association.

The Officers shall be nominated and elected by ballot at the annual meeting. They shall serve for one year or until their successors are elected, and their term of office shall begin at the close of the annual meeting at which they are elected.

5. Meetings
There shall be an annual meeting of the Association, at a time and place to be determined by its members. Other meetings may be called upon written request to the Convener by a majority of the member Communities. One-third of the members shall constitute a quorum.

6. Committees
The Association may establish and dissolve standing or ad hoc committees.

7. Rules of Order
The most recent edition of Robertĺs Rules of Order shall govern the Association in all cases in which they are applicable and not inconsistent with these bylaws or other special rules of order adopted by the Association.

8. Amendment of Bylaws
These bylaws may be amended at the annual meeting by a two-thirds vote, provided that the proposed amendments have been circulated to the membership no less than three weeks prior to the annual meeting.

These Bylaws were adopted by a majority of the members present at the annual meeting of NĂCC in Tempe, Arizona, February 22, 2001.