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Participating Communities

Anamchara Fellowship

Founded in the tradition of the Episcopal Church, with a Celtic spirit. We strive to be an inclusive community, welcoming men and women, clergy and lay, married, single, or partners in a committed relationship. Members of the fellowship may live in their own homes or in groups as the ability for that arises. Each member must be self supporting, and we are bound to each other by common ideals and a commitment to prayer and service. Our primary ministries focus on catechesis, pastoral care and spiritual direction.

The Anglican Order of Preachers

The Anglican Order of Preachers is a religious community of men and women, lay and ordained, celibate and married, committed to the Dominican path of Christian Discipleship.

The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory

Members of the Brotherhood (BSG) follow a common rule and serve the church on parochial, diocesan, and national levels. Members—clergy and lay, without regard to marital status—live individually, in small groups, or with their families. They support themselves and the community through their secular or church-related work, making use of their God-given talents in the world while not being of the world. The trust that all labor and life can be sanctified is summed up in the community's motto: Soli Deo Gloria, To God Alone the Glory.

The Community of Celebration

The Community of Celebration is a religious order in the Episcopal Church established in the Anglican Church in England and Scotland. Our roots stretch back to the mid-1960's in Houston’s inner-city Church of the Redeemer, and today the Community's home is in Aliquippa (near Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania, with members living in England.
We’re different from traditional orders: we don’t wear habits, for instance, and our membership includes men and women, married and single, adults and children, clergy and laity. Our rule of life is a modified Benedictine Rule.
At the heart of our life is the daily discipline of worship prescribed by the Book of Common Prayer. Our commitment to worship, as the center of life, is the source of our identity, our ministry, and our music.
Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by living in community and offering ourselves in service to the Church and to the world. We are committed to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves; to strive for justice and peace among all people; and to respect the dignity of every human being.
The Community’s public ministry takes many forms. We are actively engaged in ministry in and to our local community, to and with our Companions, and to the broader Church.

Community of the Gospel

We are a non-residential community, open to men and women, single, married and partnered. Dedicated to living the Gospel message through the vows of Daily Prayer, Reflective Study, and Personal Service, these common roots lead to unique responses to God's love in our lives. Each member develops his or her Personal Rule of Life based on these vows, and has a personal spiritual direction team.

The Community of the Paraclete

The Paracletian Community:
  • lives the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • builds positive, loving relationships
  • values every person as a unique image of God
  • welcomes diversity
  • listens
  • supports spiritual growth
  • communicates openly and honestly
  • practices wise stewardship, including simplicity of lifestyle
  • serves in ministries of reconciliation, especially with the poor and marginalized
  • encourages all members to participate fully as partners
  • supports parish life

We honor the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, by preparing ourselves to strengthen and comfort others and by welcoming the Spirit's guiding presence within us as the mind of Christ.
We follow the Holy Spirit as we discern the Spirit's will both individually and collectively.

The Companions of Saint Luke-Benedictine

The Companions of St. Luke ~ OSB are a community whose pursuit of union with God is hallmarked by individual prayer life, communal prayer offices, work and ministry. The community is rooted in the ancient tradition of the Rule of St. Benedict. Through the 1500 years since the writing of the Rule, Benedictines have taken the model of the Rule and modified it to meet historical and cultural needs. The Companions of St. Luke ~ OSB continue in this tradition by opening new possibilities for monastic life in the new millennium while remaining a school for the Lord's service.
No longer bound by monastery walls, the Lord's service is exercised by the Companions in the world, in God's creation. In Chapter 4 of the Rule, St. Benedict encourages his followers to "relieve the lot of the poor, clothe the naked, visit the sick, bury the dead and console the sorrowing." These "tools for good works" are a beginning point for Christian living. Each Companion determines, based on their own skills and interests, how these "tools for good works" will be practiced in their own lives. The threefold Benedictine vows call each Companion to a life of conversion and, through conversion, a life of reconciliation and healing with God and our neighbor.

The Little Sisters of Saint Clare

A contemporary, contemplative Franciscan community for women, differing in commitment, but all having the same Franciscan ethos with emphsis on the spirituality of St. Clare.
We offer individual rules for Poor Clare extern nuns following the three-fold vow of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience; Oblates who make at least one monastic vow; Tertiary sisters following an annual promise and vow of Simplicty, Purity and Fidelity; Companions who follow a simple rule and baptism (ecumenical with attendance required); Associates supporting with prayer and alms.
Women living farther away than 100 miles (from Poulsbo.WA) may apply to form a chapter; must involve two or more applying. For a brochure call Abbess Gloria-Mary Goller PCLS: 360-697-2802

The Rivendell Community

Rivendell is a Eucharistic community working and praying to renew the vision of the Church as a holy priesthood, in and on behalf of the world. The Community seeks to provide well-educated and holy priestly ministry for smaller, less affluent, struggling churches, and to create and serve houses of prayer and hospitality. Members and Associates include women and men; single and married; lay, ordained, and aspirants for holy orders.

The Sisters of Saint Gregory

The Sisters of Saint Gregory is a canonically recognized community of women in the Episcopal Church who have been called together by God to live the vowed life in a diversity of styles and spiritualities in the world.
We live intentionally dispersed, coming together twice a year for convocation, retreat, business, fellowship and worship.
We are women of prayer; lovers of God; servants of the holy, catholic and apostolic Church. The community is comprised of lay and clergy, young and old, fit and feeble, introvert and extrovert, contemplative and active; married, widowed, divorced, single, or partnered. Some live in families, some apart.
We bear witness in the church and in the world that the universal call to holiness may still be experienced as a vocation of uncommon attentiveness to the things of God. Though fully aware of our brokenness and spiritual poverty, we invite and nurture the indwelling of the Holy Trinity in our hearts, as we pray to be bowls of compassion poured out for a broken world, and participants in God's recreation of all things.

The Society of St. Anna the Prophet

Founded in 2005, the Society of St. Anna the Prophet (SSAP) is a vowed community of lay and ordained elder women in the Episcopal Church. The Society is dedicated to Godly aging and ministry with elders and the young. Members are dispersed and must be over the age of 50. The vows of the SSAP are simplicity, creativity, and balance. Inspired by aged Anna in the Gospel of Luke who recognized Jesus as the Savior, the motto of the SSAP is percipere et proclamare (perceive and proclaim). Our proclamation is centered around the mystery of the incarnation and the celebration of childhood and old age as seasons of divine revelation. The Society includes the “young old” who are still working, women who have retired, and also women who are themselves living in care. The headquarters of the SSAP, and a majority of the Annas, are in the Diocese of Atlanta, but sisters are active in four other dioceses around the country. For more information, visit the website at ssap.episcopalatlanta.org

The Third Order, Province of the Americas, the Society of Saint Francis

In 1205, Francis of Assisi was called by God to rebuild the Church. Early in his ministry, Francis recognized the need to include people from all walks of life within his movement of reform and renewal. The work of following Christ in humility, love and joy, which is the vocation of all Christians, could not be restricted to the traditional life of the Friars and Sisters. This was true in the thirteenth century and it remains so today.
Today, there are estimated to be over a half-million Franciscans worldwide in the various denominations of the Christian family. Anglican Franciscans are divided among five provinces worldwide. The Province of the Americas stretches from Canada to Chile to the Caribbean. It currently includes the First Order Brothers and Sisters - who live a celibate life in their respective communities - and the Third Order. The Third Order consists of men and women, single or in committed relationships, who, though following ordinary professions, are called to a dedicated life of service to our Lord through prayer, study, and work.
Like the First Order, Tertiaries make a lifetime commitment to live a Rule of Life in company with the sisters and brothers in their Order.

The Worker Brothers of the Holy Spirit

The Worker Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit is a Covenant Community which seeks to respond to God’s call through the power of the Holy Spirit, participate in Jesus Christ’s vision of unity, become his holy people, show forth Fruit, and in obedience to his command, go forth into the world. It offers women and men, regardless of marital status, a path for individual spiritual growth through a life commitment to a Rule which provides an opportunity to experience prayer, worship, becoming, discovery, belonging, relating, commitment, and mission.

The Worker Sisters of the Holy Spirit